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At the very least,  blue ribbon study is called for  comparing the totally unvaccinated population to the vaccinated population as well as other possible variables.  A recent Cochran report implying the flu vaccine was not efficacious did not receive the attention it should have, but then our media is controlled. Instead, almost every newspaper ran CDC inspired articles imploring citizens to get the flu vaccine even late in the season stating small epidemics were occurring, or could still occur and even robo-calls went out from drug store chains informing us that we still needed our flu vaccines.  This indicates our federal health agencies do not have the health of the American people at the top of their concern list. They are obviously under the control of those who make a profit selling vaccines and in all likelihood they (BIg Pharma) have bleed out both the FDA and the Infectious Disease Division of the CDC to the point that these federal agencies do their bidding completely.

The governmental-pharma-biowarfare complex has the PR and the money to promote their agenda and push their propaganda. Pharma has endowed positions at almost all academic medical institutions to make sure this agenda is carried out. THey have no accountability, they have total immunity and they don't care who suffers as long as they can make profits. There is even some evidence that they will create false-flag epidemics using laboratory created virus for pure profit. This is no longer about Autism per se. This is now about murder, eugenics, population control, infanticide, fratricide and genocide.

Every 7 minutes a child is diagnosed with autism*

*The recent Cambridge study has 1 in 60 child in the UK have autism.
There are 75 million children in the USA, so one in 60 is about 1.25 mil

The Autism Clock is dedicated to the courageous voices of Jenny McCarthy

and all Autism Mothers.

The USA has one of the highest infant vaccine compliance rates, the earliest infant vaccination dates and the most total vaccines given to infants and children 1-5 in the world.  The USA also has one of the highest (both infant and child ages 1 -5) mortality rates of the approximately 41 countries that keep such data.  The USA mortality rate is about 2.5-3.0 times the rate of the countries with the lowest rates.  How does the CDC, FDA explain this?  Our children are dying at a rate much higher than other less vaccinated populations.